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Mobile Suites
Santa Fe

Flexarmor roof. Custom build. Residential washer/dryer. Custom bathroom. Custom closet. Stripes on slide ends. Hardwired back-up camera. 2" riser, acrylic awnings. Hardwood valances. Cheap heat. Heat pump. Generator prep. 6.5K Commercial Onan Propane generator. New tires (continental). 6.5K   Cheap Heat. Boogey Lights multi-color, full-perimeter, and under glow lights w/remote.

Boogey Lights multi-color awning lights w/remotes. Lazy Boy rocker recliners. Ashley couch. New brakes and Temkin bearings (October). Rear tow hitch beefed up to 6K capacity. Parsec antenna that can be

used with a Cradlepoint  router for internet access.

Solar equipment. 6 Re-Lion Lithium batteries (600amp hours).

6 - 365 watt rec solar panels (total of 2190 watts)

Victron components:

Dual Multiplus 3kva inverters programmed in split phase - 120/240v power including ve bus smart dongle to allow bluetooth access to turn inverters on and off (powers entire coach). 100/50 MPPT Charge controller. 150/100 MPPT Charge controller. 500a BMV 712 battery monitor with remote display. Cerbo GX communication divide w/5" touch screen display - allows full internet access to the system as long as connected to internet. Cerbo also provides auto gen start capability via Atkinson electronics GSCM-mini

Lynx distributor - handling the dc power distribution and fusing.

Take a virtual tour in the video below!
Photos coming soon

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